I’m not sure if my 3 year old is ready for lessons. Should I enroll my child anyways?

Please contact me by phone and we can discuss your concerns. Early and frequent exposure to water is so important for children. It allows them to be comfortable in the water when it is time for them to begin more advanced lessons.

Do you give lessons to adults?

Yes! Water safety and skills are important at any age. I have experience instructing adults in basic water safety and beginning technique as well as improvement in technique to make exercise or competition easier. Adult lessons are always given in a private lesson format with specialty scheduling.

Why are your lessons for 30 minutes and 4 days long?

Having individualized attention in lessons means your child is moving almost constantly during their time with me. Learning these new skills is exhausting and takes a lot of energy. 20-30 minutes is also perfect for shorter focused learning attention spans, especially while in a fun pool! Body temperature regulation after 20 minutes can become a concern for swimmers under the age 3. I hold sessions that are 4 consecutive days because I have found that the daily exposure is more productive for kids than once or twice a week over an extended period of time.

Should I sign my child up for one or two sessions?

1 SESSION MAY BE ENOUGH FOR YOUR CHILD IF… 1. They will have frequent access to water to practice their new skills. 2. They have had lessons with me before. 3. They are a more advanced swimmer. 2 SESSIONS ARE RECOMMENDED IF… 1. Your child is hesitant or fearful. 2. Your child has had little to no water exposure, and will not have much exposure after lessons. 3. Your child is under the age of 5. Sometimes these children need a few days to warm up to the water, and then it really clicks toward the end of the first session. IF YOU ARE UNSURE if you would like a second session, I recommend scheduling both sessions as you have the option to cancel after your first session. You can also contact me to discuss your concern.

Semi-Private/Private lessons: Should I schedule a second session immediately after the first or at different times throughout the summer?

Here are some other reasons for each option: I RECOMMEND 2 WEEKS CLOSE TOGETHER IF… 1. Your child will have little to no exposure to the water following your first session. Little practice between sessions can lead to some regression before the next session. 2. Your child is nervous/scared in the water or very young with little water exposure. These children can often take quite a few days to adjust to lessons, and they can develop and maintain their new water confidence by having 8 consecutive lessons. I RECOMMEND SPLITTING YOUR 2 SESSIONS UP IF… 1. Your child will have many chances to practice their new skills. Many of these students return to their second session more advanced than where we left off. It allows us to refine these practiced skills, and even worked on introducing new ones.


Please contact me immediately upon needing to reschedule or cancel. I make an extra effort to schedule everyone into their preferred week and time block. If you need to cancel or reschedule, it may be difficult for me to accommodate your preferred schedule. I allow cancellation up to the Thursday before your scheduled session's Monday start. Any cancellations after the Thursday before will be subject to a cancellation fee.

When and how do I pay for lessons?

Payment is due on your first day of lessons. Cash, check, or Zelle payment is preferable. Payment can also be made with Venmo with an added processing fee.


Is your pool heated?

Yes, the pool is heated to around 85 degrees.

What do I need to bring to lessons?

Only a towel is needed for lessons. You can also bring goggles, but beginner swimmers are not permitted to use them until they can swim with their eyes open underwater. Swim diapers are required for any child under the age of 3. No life jackets or puddle jumpers needed.

Is there a place for my child to change?

There is a small space inside of the pool house for students to change after lessons. If your child needs to change before lessons, please arrive 5 minutes early to allow us to still begin on time.

Do I need to stay for lessons?

Yes, an adult must be present for the entirety of each lesson.

Can I bring siblings to lessons?

Yes, but I ask that if they are young they are contained to a stroller or wagon for safety. Older children must remain seated near you during the lesson.

What happens if it rains or storms?

I teach lessons in rain, but not thunder/lightning. If the air temperature is below 60 with rain, I will contact you if I feel it may be best to cancel. I will cancel class via text message, and we will make up the lesson on Friday. If you are unsure of the weather, please still plan to head to lessons unless you hear from me as I rarely end up having to cancel lessons.

What if I'm running late to lessons or end up missing a day?

I ask that you contact me via call or text if you are going to be late to your lesson. Lesson times will not extend past your scheduled time to make up for time loss. If you need to miss a day, you are responsible for contacting me as soon as possible to let me know, and we will work to reschedule. I allow one make up day per 4 day session. Refunds are not given for missed lessons that are not rescheduled.

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