Miss Marissa at Lakeshore Swim School offers private, semi-private, group, and adaptive swim lessons for all ages, including adults. Life saving water survival skills and water safety are taught alongside swimming technique in each lesson. I create goals for each student after their first day in addition to daily custom lesson plans as the week progresses. All lessons are held at a private, heated pool near Oriole Field in Ludington, Michigan.

Summer sessions are formatted as follows:

  • 1 session consists of 4 lessons held across consecutive days, Monday-Thursday.
  • Group lessons for students ages 3 and older last 30 minutes. Private lesson vary in length depending on the amount of students.

Lesson Options

  1. Group Lessons: Students are assigned to a level based on age & ability, student-instructor ratio will be 4:2. Students will be engaged at all times, and because of our small class sizes, will spend little to no time waiting for a turn. For proficient swimmers, please see the Refresher Lesson section below.
  2. Friends & Family Semi-Private Group Lessons: This semi-private group lesson offers the convenience of having the same class time for all the students in your family. It allows you to pair up with family or friends to create a group of up to 8 children. Student/instructor ratio will vary based on group members' ages and abilities. If choosing this option, please have your groups decided upon BEFORE filling out the registration form as you will need to indicate this on the registration form. Each family will need to complete a registration form.
  3. Semi-Private Immediate Family & Single Child Lessons: If you will only be enrolling 1-2 children this option could be for you. This lesson offers the convenience of having the same class time for all the students in your family. There will be two families in the pool at the same time during this lesson, but each family will have the undivided attention of one instructor much like a private lesson. Families will be of similar age & ability to allow for the necessary space for lessons.
  4. Private Immediate Family Lessons : Private instruction for students all from an immediate family in the same block of time. This lesson format creates the option for parents/guardians to learn alongside their children. No other students will be present in the pool.
  5. Private One Child,One Adult, Adaptive Lessons : 1:1 Private Instruction. No other students will be present in the pool. *Adult and Adaptive lessons lessons are scheduled based on individual need and do not follow the standard 4 days, Monday-Thursday.

Please note that semi-private and private lessons are more limited in availability. I will do my best to accommodate your requested format, but cannot guarantee availability as I reach you on my registration list.

Adaptive Swim Lessons (NEW IN 2023)

I will be offering adaptive swim lessons for students of all ages that may struggle with the traditional lesson format. I am working toward a SwimAngelfish certification, and will be certified by Summer 2023. This comprehensive training will allow me to assist swimmers of all abilities, including those with special needs, overcome obstacles and learn to swim without discomfort. You can read more about it here. These will be very limited as I launch my program, but hope to expand to a larger offering in the coming years.

Refresher Lessons (NEW IN 2023)

Refresher lessons are new this year. If your child is a proficient swimmer, I am limiting lessons to 1 session (4 days) or recommending swim team.These refresher classes will consist of water safety reminders/check, review of freestyle (front crawl) and other advanced strokes, and tips for endurance. Refresher lessons can be completed in any format: group, semi-private, or private.

Students who are proficient in all strokes are recommended for summer swim team. A 25-yard distance pool will give these students a better chance at advancing in endurance and skill. This format change is to allow students who are unable to save themselves a chance to get into classes for this summer. Thank you for understanding.

Little Laker Baby (3-23 months) & Little Laker Toddler (24-35 months)

Caregivers will join their young child in the water once a week for 30 minutes of fun in these group swim readiness classes. Classes will include water exploration and familiarization, as well as introduction to water safety.

Groups are limited to 7 adult & child pairs. If you have two children in the same age group, each child must have an adult present to participate in class with them. Participating adults must be comfortable standing and moving around in shallow water (around 3-4 feet in depth).

Teaching Style

I describe my teaching style as firm, but with warmth, a lot of patience, and positivity. I believe children learn well through play. My lessons are often taught in the form of games or challenges, and with activities that are designed around their individual interests. You will often hear me ask my students for their thoughts or what they are interested in learning at their next lesson. I also give my students a chance to explore the water through play as a reward for the hard work they put in during lesson time.

Other Information

Please see the Registration page for information on session dates, how to enroll, and costs.

Please check the FAQ page if you have any questions regarding classes.

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